Our Care

images6A2ZAR8NIt is the aim of Caring Angels Carers to deliver the highest levels of care at all times.

To ensure everyone is safe and happy, to encourage independence and to motivate where possible, recognising individual abilities, preferences and needs.

Care staff will always respect privacy. They will ensure that service user’s dignity, individual needs and personal choices are respected.

Caring Angels Home Care offer support and compassion, bringing peace of mind to the service user and their families.

Our Aim

To provide the best support, assistances and care whilst giving the service user privacy, dignity and respect. We will always promote independence within the service users to complete as much as possible them which gives them that independence.

To understand what the service users need from their care call.

Our Mission

To be recognised at all levels for our high standards of professionalism, service and quality of care whilst maintaining dignity, respect and privacy.

To have the best care and office team, who know everything about the service users at the company. Encourage the carers to develop themselves through training and retain and promote themselves within the company. Having an open door policy which means being open, honest, fair and transparent with what we are doing. Looking after the local community and putting into the community.